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Bulk Steroid Stack 12 week Beginner


3 Test E or C
2 Equipose
2 Turinabol
1 Arimidex
1 Nolvadex
1 Clomid
25 x 25 gauge syringes


Bulk steroid stack for beginners for 12 weeks. Other variations possible.

Bulk component

500mg test c a week
400mgs eq a week
50mgs of dbol or a week
anti estrogen component
.5mg arimidex ED(every day)

Recovery/Tapering component

40mgs of nolvadex for 10 days then 20mgs for 10 – 15 days
100mgs of clomid 10 days then 50mgs for 10 – 15 days
HCG (recommended but not necessary)



Alpha North Labs


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