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HCG – Ovigil 5000iu AMP (Box not Included) is a favorite amongst athletes for post cycle therapy. It works to help the body produce natural testosterone which can be suspended after extended steroid use. It is also used to treat hypogonadism and as a fertility treatment in males. It really doesn’t offer much in the way of performance enhancing properties but is extremely useful in stimulating the production of natural testosterone in men. It works by synthesizing the luteinizing hormone which then stimulates the body into producing more natural testosterone. Restoring this natural testosterone balance after any steroid cycle can ensure that all of the results from a steroid cycle are kept more permanently and that the athlete can continue to see performance-enhancing results. It can also regulate cortisol actions within the body which can be balanced out and changed by the androgens in steroids. Cortisol eventually provides muscles with the opposite information that they would receive from testosterone and will start to break down the proteins in the cells. By controlling cortisol levels in the body you can make sure that any of the new muscle mass and gains that you have made through a steroid cycle won’t be lost immediately. Most commonly inject between 1500 and 3000 IU every four or five days for a period of 2 to 3 weeks. Bacteriostatic water will also be needed to take this product.


This medication is a hormone used in boys (before puberty) to cause the normal dropping of the testicles into the scrotum. It is also used in certain boys to help with normal sexual development. It works by causing the testes to release male sex hormones (e.g., testosterone).

This medication is also used in women to treat fertility problems. It is given after finishing another medication (menotropins) to cause the release of an egg (ovulation). It should not be used in women whose ovaries no longer make eggs properly (primary ovarian failure).

This medication has not been shown to be effective for weight loss and should not be used for this purpose due to risk of serious side effects.


Headache, restlessness, tiredness, or pain at injection site may occur.


For the purpose of maintaining testicular function during an anabolic steroid cycle, a standard dose of 250 – 500IU of HCG doses administered 1 – 2 times weekly (each injection spaced evenly apart during the week) should be performed if necessary. 500IU should never be exceeded for such a use.


Other associated products for increasing sperm production or use as post cycle therapy can be found below. Typically it is used in connection with Clomid and Nolvadex by fertility specialists for treatment in males:


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Human chorionic gonadotropin

including total hCG, C-terminal peptide total hCG, intact hCG, free β-subunit , β-core fragment , hyperglycosylated , nicked hCG, alpha , and pituitary



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