HCG 6500iu Ovitrelle

HCG 6500iu Ovitrelle


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HCG 6500iu Ovitrelle One Shot


This is made to be a One-shot syringe that can be divided up into multiple doses as seen here:

You will need a bacstat water to go along with this purchase, we will supply a vial for mixing. Due to the extra “work” involved we are selling these for only $5 more than the 5000iu amps.

Gonadotropin (HCG) is used to stimulate testicles to restore testosterone and sperm production during or after a steroid cycle which has caused natural levels to be reduced. Also, using HCG with TRT or during steroid cycle can restore your testicles to their normal, healthy size and function.

  • Used after a cycle, to help restore testosterone production more quickly (in combo with Nolvadex or Clomid)
  • On cycle, in an effort to avoid testicular atrophy during steroid administration.
  • Usage: 500-2000 Units every 2nd or 3rd day, taken for no longer than 2 or 3 weeks.

During the use of gonadotrophic hormone, side reactions similar to those of testosterone may occur. The cycle may manifest a high sex drive. Also at high dosages, the following undesirable symptoms may be observed acne, gynecomastia – swelling in the nipples, manifestation of lumps, itching, enlarged prostate, excessive hair growth throughout the body and baldness, masculinization symptoms (in women), fluid accumulation in muscle tissue, which adds swelling. Young athletes may experience premature completion of bone growth while using chorion gonadotrophic hormone. If the correct dosages are maintained, there are no adverse reactions.

Gonadotrophic hormone is used during anabolic drug cycles, the duration of which exceeds 6 weeks, or in case several potent drugs are used in the same cycle. HCG use begins at week 2-4 of the cycle. Injections should be made twice a week at 250-500 IU. The use of gonadotropin does not end after the last steroid intake, but after the active agent of the steroid is excreted. This is followed by post-cycle therapy.

In some cases, dosages can be increased up to 2000 IU. Injections are administered every 2 days for 3 weeks. During longer steroid courses called “infinite” the protein hormone is administered continuously. However, every 4-5 weeks users need to take a break for 7-10 days.