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TNT 400 10ml – 400mg/ml A blend of 250mg/ml Testosterone Enanthate with 150mg/ml Trenbolone Enanthate. This is a popular combination of two steroids for mass building. The Test E may cause some bloating but not much and Trenbolone is a drug that combines the best of all steroids but is recommended for experienced bodybuilders only. This is a great all around combo if you want to build good solid gains without much water retention.

The downside of this drug combo is that it can come with significant side effects. Also, the toxicity is quite high due to the Tren. The Test with definitely aromatize, not as bad as with a cycle of straight test, but you will see some bloat. Also there may be acne, male pattern baldness, prostate enlargement and aggression if you are prone to that. The Trenbolone is hard on the liver and kidneys. It’s not uncommon with Tren to see blood in the urine. Combining the Test with Tren for a bulking cycle may minimize the side effect from the Tren while still getting the benefits of the hard lean look.


TNT 400 is the  longer esters of TNT 200 requiring less injections per week. This is popular blend for building mass.





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  1. Duy Ng (verified owner)

    great results, crazy night sweats. alpha north tnt is INTENSE. I am getting MAD sides from their Test and tren my arms look really lean and I am starting to see amazing definition. only downsides, the crazy dreams and insane night sweats. I sleep on a towel but Ive never looked better!!!!

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