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10ml – 250mg/ml

Sustanon 250 is a blend of four different testosterone esters. The idea behind the blend is for the purpose of having different release rate so that there is a more consistent release rate for the duration of the active life of the drug. The faster esters are released immediately, the slower releasing esters start becoming effective as the slower releasing esters start to drop off. This allow this drug to have a more consistent release of testosterone into the system keeping your test levels more consistent. This is a very popular way of taking test and seems to work effectively for users. Many believe that by using test this way they can use lower dosages as compared to using a single ester.


The downside of this drug is the same as with all forms of testosterone. There are estogen related side effect, suppression of natural testosterone levels, agression from the androgenic effects, etc.

This is simply a form of testosterone so we do not recommend it for women. As testosterone is highly androgenic, it can cause virilization quite easily at quite low dosages. Virilization is permanent masculinizing characteristics. Not something many women would accept. Deep voice, clitoral enlargement, male pattern body/facial hair growth, etc.


Recommended dosage:


Active half-life: fastest ester-3 days, longest ester-14 days




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6 reviews for Sustanon

  1. ishadimunro

    Everyone at the gym thinks I look great and keep asking me the recipe. Sustenon works well along with Tren Ace. This company has quality products, communication and works well with their customers.

  2. James

    Recently switched from cyp to susaton as I feel the mix of esters would be more beneficial to my gym gains and my overall well being. So far so good. Im feeling good, full of energy and good libido. Been ordering my test from Alpha North for the past few years now. Would definifitely recommend.

  3. jk (verified owner)

    sust 3 times a week. injecting .7ml 3 times a week. my favorite test is sust. I feel Im strong on it compared to test c

  4. George Branch (verified owner)

    Got my order in 2 days. Very good response time Very knowledgeable I will post my review 1 month into my cycle

  5. Ryan (verified owner)

    switched from TE tp Sust. I was always preferred enanthate because i dont like injecting more than a couple times a week. but I have to admit Sust has a much better Kick, my libido is stronger even though I am using the dosage as enanthate. I also started using aromasin and taking L-citrulline. the combination is FANTASTIC!!! my wife thanks you. very good communication Yes, I recommend Alpha North

  6. Scotty (verified owner)

    Great service and products! I’ve been ordering from these guys for a year now, and I literally have no complaints. Always respond super fast, orders arrive within 2-3 days. Product is solid, and does what it should. Highly recommend these guys.

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